Get Involved

Getting involved in the Montreal chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH is an excellent way of getting to know people in the Montreal community. You will not just be chatting to each other, you will actually be doing something together, accomplishing a concrete goal. Make some new friends and discover the art of transforming work into organized fun.

Is there some project, event or service you would like to see become part of Montreal ACM SIGGRAPH? Is there something you would like to see done better? There is plenty of room for initiatives in an organization run entirely by volunteers: it is participatory democracy at its best. Post a proposal on the chapter's discussion list, and find out what kind of support there is among the members of the community, or have a special note added to this web page, or simply get a few friends together and make it happen.

A partial list of suggestions for getting involved:

  • contact us and ask how you can help out.
  • inform potential speakers of the opportunity to present their work at one of our events.
  • take photos at one of our events, for potential use on our website. A browse through our calendar will highlight the diverse range of styles and subjects which are welcome.
  • give a presentation at one of our events. A browse through our calendar will give you a feeling for the wide range of topics and styles of presentation that would be appropriate.
  • translate web page content from English to French, or vice-versa. Create, contribute to or maintain a section of the web portal of relevant links in the Montreal area.
  • collect and post news items.
  • create, contribute to or maintain "siggraphique", the chapter's upcoming newsletter.
  • create, contribute to or maintain an online art gallery showcasing Montreal high-tech artists, both on our web site as well as "live" at chapter meetings.