Chapter Membership

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It is possible to become a member on several levels within many organizations. As shown on the page describing the chapter, this last one is part of ACM SIGGRAPH and ACM. There are three organizations you can join: the chapter (local), ACM SIGGRAPH (international, theme of computer graphics), ACM (international, theme of computers). To receive discounts for the annual SIGGRAPH conference, you must become a member of ACM or ACM SIGGRAPH. Unfortunately joining the chapter does not provide discount for the annual conference.
Montreal ACM SIGGRAPH is the Montreal chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH, a non-profit, volunteer organization providing world-wide and year-round programs for the computer graphics community. The values that motivate and guide the organization of ACM SIGGRAPH are the same ones we believe characterize the general culture of the SIGGRAPH community:
  • excellence
  • integrity
  • passion
  • volunteerism
  • cross-disciplinary Interaction

Our Montreal chapter brings to these values the following principle: 

  • “think globally, act locally”


Our chapter provides the vital link between this global network and our local Montreal-area community, and the strength of that link is reflected in the strength of our chapter membership. It is the support of each one of you that enables us to continue organizing high-quality events year after year, events that benefit us all by increasing the level of exchange and collaboration among local practitioners, be they professionals, researchers or artists. This support also contributes to our international identity: the overall standing and perception of Montreal within the global computer graphics community.
If you believe in these values, and believe that our chapter activities do indeed benefit the Montreal-area community, become a member today! (and then make sure you renew your membership annually). Beyond the many membership benefits this brings you, we encourage you to get the most out of your membership by getting involved by volunteering for the organization of our chapter activities.