3D scanning technology

The latest 3D scanning technology was up and running at SIGGRAPH 2002 in San Antonio, Texas. In the name of science, I submitted my own head to this hi-tech operation. The procedure is, of course, as painless as x-rays and without the health hazards of repeated exposure.

Luckily, I had just met Jared Bendis ( New Media Studio, Case Western Reserve U. ), who liked the results and photographed the entire operation: the pictures here are actually extracts from Jared's  original  SIGGRAPH 2002  report. The smile is due in part to Jared's bantering and wisecracks from the sidelines at the critical scanning moment.

Note that the classic chin-holding executive pose I assumed serves a hidden purpose: I was looking for a natural way of covering my beard, because 3D scanning technology ( at this date, anyhow) doesn't give as good results for hair, often producing silhouette-edge artifacts that start to look bad once the 3D model is rotated out of its initial-scan orientation. The geometrical detail on the hand appears quite stunning over a wide range of rotation angles.

The end of the wrist "floating in empty space" is kind of creepy, though, depending on your mood..


-Chris Isaac Larnder